How to Disable LAN connection from CMD in windows 7/8/10?

Disabling the LAN adapter for some reason is ok but usually we use device manager or windows 10 setting to disable. But today here I am going to show how to disable LAN connection from CMD and you can create a [...]

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How to fix Limited Network connectivity in your windows 10 machine?

Sometimes we can see system network icon Show as an exclamation mark, it means your machine has a network, but it has limited network connectivity. Here we are going to see, why we are getting this error and how to [...]

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How to Find MAC address using arp command inside LAN?

In Networking IP address and MAC address plays an important role. Each and every Networking Device has its own Unique IP and MAC address. The MAC address is a unique value associated with a network adapter. MAC addresses are also [...]

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How to find your WiFi Password using Command Prompt in Windows 10?

Usually, we forget something day to day, nowadays passwords are the top of the list. We cant keep track of each and every password. Particularly wifi passwords. If you are staying In Hostels are in a Room we save the [...]

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How to Fix DNS server Might be unavailable Error in windows10/8/7?

There are lot of possibilities, which cause this DNS server might be unavailable error in this post we mentioned those possibility and how to fix this. What is DNS server? DNS server is also known as the Domain Name System (DNS) is [...]

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How to Fix Bad_address Entry On a DHCP Server?

What is Bad_address? We know that all the computers, servers, mobile devices communicate through internet via IP address each and every device have their separate unique IP address. Devices will get the IP address from the DHCP server when it [...]

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Top 6 basic network problem and troubleshooting steps

Problem 1: Connection closed by remote host A user has established a connection to a remote host, and the connection closes before the user logs out. Cause: This usually occurs because the remote host performed a shutdown and severed the connection, [...]

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