How to create batch file for bulk trace?

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Traceroute is a utility which records the route through the internet between source and a specified destination computer. It calculates the amount of time each hop took. It is very useful to find the network related issue.

What is Tracetcp?

tracetcp is a command line traceroute utility for WIN32 that uses TCP SYN packets rather than ICMP/UDP packets that the usual implementations use, thus bypassing gateways that block traditional traceroute packets.

How to install Tracetcp.

Creating batch file for bulk trace.

  • Open notepad
  • And copy the below mentioned command line



Tracetcp.exe -p 1 -n           >> C:\Trace.txt

Tracetcp.exe -p 1 -n         >> C:\Trace.txt


  • Type the destination IP address or the URL following port address (80,443).
  • And mention the destination location to save the trace file

bulk trace-technoresult

  • In this case the file will save in C:
  • Safe the file with .bat extension

bulk trace-technoresult

  • And copy the file to C: Drive
  • Open C Drive and Run the file as an administrator.
  • Once the trace completed the file will be saved in destination location which you have mentioned

bulk trace-technoresult

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