Different Methods to Assign Static IP Address

There are two ways to assign IP address to Systems, One is Dynamic IP address and the other one is static IP address, it is like automatic and manual mode of assigning the IP address. Dynamic is like automatic and [...]

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How to Enable/Disable TLS Setting in Windows using registry and PowerShell?

Security is the main concern when we browse through the Internet, to take care of these security thing there are lot of Security protocols, in that TLS and SSL are the main. TLS abbreviated as Transport Layer Security. TLS is [...]

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Block any Website using Host file?

Internet is growing day by day, most of the business and people depend on internet today, International Telecommunications Union estimated about 55.1% of world’s population has internet access as of June 2018 and also its growing day by day. This [...]

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How to Disable LAN connection from CMD in windows 7/8/10?

Disabling the LAN adapter for some reason is ok but usually we use device manager or windows 10 setting to disable. But today here I am going to show how to disable LAN connection from CMD and you can create a [...]

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How to Find MAC address using arp command inside LAN?

In Networking IP address and MAC address plays an important role. Each and every Networking Device has its own Unique IP and MAC address. The MAC address is a unique value associated with a network adapter. MAC addresses are also [...]

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