Windows updates are very important and mandatory to keep our systems secure and bug free but in windows sometimes updates wont happen properly. when we try to click on check update now you will get following error, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. (This also applies to 8024400A & 8024400D). This post explains how to fix Windows Update 80072EE2 Error using few methods. Follow this methods to fix this issue.

Windows Update 80072EE2 Error-technoresult

Method 1: Run windows Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot is one of the best tool in windows 10 which is used to find any common problems and to fix it. In troubleshooter you can find hardware and device Troubleshooter option to find and fix problems with devices and hardware.

Step 1: Go to Search bar in windows 10 and type Troubleshoot and click it.

Step 2: Find Windows update Option

Step 3: Click on it and run the troubleshooter.

Step 4: Click on Next and follow the instructions.

If this doesn’t fix the issue proceed to the next solution.

Method 2: Deleting WUServer and WIStatusServer from the Registry

  • Open Run command and type services.msc  hit enter. This command will open the windows services console.
  • Search for WindowsUpdate

Windows Update 80072EE2 Error-technoresult

  • And stop the windows update services.
  • After stopping windows update service open Regedit from the run command.

Navigate to the following path:


Windows Update 80072EE2 Error-technoresult

  • click on Windows Update, From right hand side you can find two registry keys called WUServer and WIStatusServer
  • Right-click on each and select Delete.
  • Open Run again Type Services.msc
  • search windows update service and restart it again.
  • Once done restart the PC and check for updates again.

Method 3: Deleting Software Distribution Folder

  • Goto Start 
  • Type Run
  • In Run Type services.msc
  • Search for WindowsUpdate
  • And stop the windows update services.
  • Browse to below mentioned path
  • C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution in My Computer/Windows Explorer and Delete its contents

Windows Update 80072EE2 Error-technoresult

  • Return to the services window
  • Find the ‘Windows Update‘ service at the bottom of the list, right click it and select start
  • Now go to the control panel
  • check for Windows update

Windows Update 80072EE2 Error-technoresult