In windows 10 laptops we can reduce the battery consumption by limiting the processor frequency.

what is Processor frequency?

Processor frequency means the operating frequency of the CPU’s core(s) in MHz. The higher the frequency is for a CPU, the faster the processor is. You can specify the approximate maximum frequency (in MHz) of your processor from within Windows 10 to limit the frequency if needed.

Why do we need to increase and decrease the Processor frequency?

If your laptop is running out of battery or if you are running power-hungry application, if you want to save the battery you can use this method. Its like a power saving mode. Windows 10 has the option to increase the max processor frequency nowadays these settings are hidden by default and the processor frequency are set to max by default.

If you want to reduce the power consumption of the laptop you can reduce this processor frequency.

Steps to Enable Maximum Processor frequency Option?

  • First of all the setting is hidden to enable this setting open run command and type regedit and hit enter.

Then follow the path mentioned bellow


  • Right click on the 54533251-82be-4824-96c1-47b60b740d00\75b0ae3f-bce0-45a7-8c89-c9611c25e100
  • And create a new DWORD and name it as “Attributes”

  • Give the value mentioned below



  • Or Just Download the file here and Run it and restart the machine once.

How to set maximum Processor Frequency in Windows 10?

  • To Enable Maximum Processor frequency you must be an administrator.
  • Press Windows + R and type control and hit enter, this will open the control panel, or normally go to the control panel. Choose large icons in the category. Search for Power option.
  • Click the power option to open. Choose the power plan setting.

  • Select the balanced power setting and click on change the plan setting.
  • Click on advance power plan setting. And search for processor power management and expand it. now you can see the option called Maximum Processor frequency.

By default, this option is hidden and set to 0 Mhz. 0 means the processor frequency is at the highest rate it’s the maximum frequency. If you want to reduce the processor frequency you can either enter the desired frequency rate of your processor. This will reduce the performance of the processor, due to the low rate processor performance the battery performance will increase. This is suitable only for who works on typing work doesn’t want that much processing capacity and also need highest battery performance.