Direct Link Google Chrome 71 Offline Installer

Google left the beta version of Google Chrome 71 and rolled out for Windows, Mac, and Linux, this post contains a direct link for Google Chrome Offline Installer. If you already using Google Chrome it would be automatically updated to [...]

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How to Turn On Your computer with Your Android using WOL?

Usually to start a computer we have to move to our Desk and Press the computer power button and we have to move the mouse or keyboard to make the monitor active then finally we login. This is quite old [...]

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How to Send Large Video Files on WhatsApp upto 1 GB?

WhatsApp is the most popular medium of chatting and sending media files such as videos, images, and audio for both Android and iPhone smartphones. But sending Large Video, audio or any documents is a real challenge, because the WhatsApp maximum [...]

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How to see a Deleted Wats app Message Someone Sent You

 We all know Wats app is one of the best and widely used instant messaging app, recently Wats app added lot of new feature, in that the 'Delete for Everyone' feature also included. This feature lets people recall messages sent [...]

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Access any Website Without Internet connection in Android

There are lot of interesting sites to read and we don’t get internet wifi signal all the time so in this article, I am going to show how to access any website without an internet connection. There is an app [...]

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How to access windows10 on Android mobile?

Windows 10 on Android mobile:  Nowadays we can’t carry laptop and system to all the places but we can carry our smartphone. Moreover Android phones are our  essential part of our life. In this article i am going to show [...]

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Best method to increase RAM in your android Mobile

Nowadays android mobile manufacturer are adding more RAM memory because of the app and game development. It Starting with 2GB RAM to  8GB RAM. It depends on the price,The mobile works smoother if it has more RAM memory. There are [...]

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